Drupal Website Hosting

Drupal 7 Hosting

We provide website hosting optimized for Drupal 7 with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime. Hosting with us ensures your site is fast, secure and reliable. Having full control over your hosting environment also allows us to create seamless roll-outs from development to production of updates and new features.


CloudFlare is a content delivery network and distributed domain name server service improving website performance, speed and security. CloudFlare is included with all our website hosting packages and reduces downtime and turbo charges your website.

Drupal Maintenance and Updates

Drupal Core Updates

Keeping your Drupal 7 Core updated to the most current version increases your web security making you less vulnerable to attacks and addresses bug fixes and feature enhancements. Using an open source solution such as Drupal means you need to maintain the core with updates to keep your site current within the community and secure.

The latest version of Drupal is 7.34

Drupal Module Updates

Your Drupal 7 core would be barren without it's modules that support functionality on your site. We help you keep your Drupal core up-to-date and also make sure you are using the correct version of modules with your core. Updating modules for your site is critical to keeping your site functions and security up to par with the most current versions and threats.