Responsive Design is JACK

Content is King, Drupal is Queen, Responsive Design is JACK.

Let me tell you a little about JACK. A facecard in a playing deck, action hero in a critically accalmained FOX drama, or the legendary JACK Shepard from ABCs hit series LOST, responsive website design was the craze of 2013.

"Responsive Design" is building websites that provide the best possible viewing experience for a variety of devices-from desktop browsers to mobile tablets and smartphones. A JACK of all trades, responsive design is your lucky hand for creating a versatile, impressively designed website with face value.

JACK Bauer-spry tick-tock hero of responsiveness and intelligence

Responsive design is also a little like JACK Bauer from 24. Now, this JACK is responsive. He is always responding quickly to life or death situtations where perfection means the difference between life and a non-mobile version of your website; PC version? no problem. Tablet? done. Smartphone? affirmative.

His technological and field experience is like the smooth viewing of a responsive designed website, adapting to each specific need of the current situation.

JACK Shephard-Doctor on a spooky island, ready to save the day

Let us not forget JACK Shephard from the spooky and weird show LOST, who was also there to save the day. Responding to a variety of bizzare situations, from smoke monsters, those spooky "Others",  or that pesky time traveling, JACK's ability to adapt to changing situations was like a seamless responsive web design, adjusting for window size, device and browser.

Although things don't turn out so great for this JACK, one thing we learned is that his responsiveness saved the day more than once, in a variety of time frames, sometimes while freshly wounded.

Is there a point to all this JACK?

The benefits of a responsive website became clear last year and sites built with this powerful technology are a JACK of all trades, providing maximium and effective exposure of your content to a wider available audience. Responsive design is JACK and around to stay. Except for that "JACK 'I'll never let go.' Dawson" from the blockbuster Titanic. In the end he became rigid and frozen, much like the layout of a non-responsive website.